Immigration (COVID-19 Response) Amendment Bill

As you may be aware, the NZ government is introducing a bill to give them some almighty powers during this pandemic.

They are looking at gaining:

    • the power to impose, vary or cancel conditions for classes of temporary entry class visa holders

    • the power to vary or cancel conditions for classes of resident class visa holders

    • the power to extend the expiry dates of visas for classes of people

    • the power to grant visas to individuals and classes of people in the absence of an application

    • the power to waive any regulatory requirements for certain classes of application

    • the power to waive the requirement to obtain a transit visa

    • the power to suspend the ability to make applications for visas or submit Expressions of Interest in applying for visas by classes of people, and

    • the power to revoke the entry permission of people who arrive either on private aircraft or marine vessels (to align them with people who arrive on commercial flights, who can already be refused entry).

This amendment will be fast tracked with it expected to come into play on the 15th of May 2020.

This change would give the government unprecedented power for the next twelve months. However, the government have given assurances that the powers “will be used for the benefit of migrants, not their detriment”.

We will wait and see about that.

About the author…

Cameron is highly experienced in visa applications and spent over a decade as a Visa Officer for the Australian Consulate General in New Zealand.

Cameron is a licensed immigration adviser for New Zealand and is also a registered Australian Migration Agent.

Cameron has extensive experience with assisting NZ businesses to look after their migrant teams as well as managing approval in principal and accreditation applications. He also specialises in employer assisted NZ work visas, as well as SMC and other residence visas.

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