AEWV Median Wage Increase Paused: What you need to know

AEWV median wage increase paused: What you need to know


In a recent development, the New Zealand government has decided to put a temporary halt on the planned increase of the median wage rate for the Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV). This decision, affecting migrant workers and their employers, carries implications for various sectors. Let's delve into the details of this decision and understand how it might impact different visa categories.

Current wage rates

Effective February 2024, the median wage rate for AEWV holders was scheduled to rise. However, with the recent announcement, the government has decided to maintain the existing wage rates. As a result, the following rates will remain in place:

NZ$29.66 per hour for migrants employed on most AEWVs.

NZ$26.16 per hour for AEWV holders covered by the Care Workforce Sector Agreement.

Specific wage rates for other sector agreements and roles with exemptions to the median wage.

It's crucial to note that this pause also extends to median wage requirements for partners of workers under the AEWV.

Impact on other visa categories

While the AEWV sees a pause in its median wage increase, other visa categories that utilize the median wage will witness a change. The median wage is set to increase to NZ$31.61 in February 2024 for visa categories such as the Skilled Migrant Category and Parent Category. However, applications received before the scheduled increase will not be affected by this change.

The median wage rate serves as the minimum amount that employers must pay when hiring migrant workers on an AEWV, reflecting the government's commitment to fair compensation.

Looking ahead

The decision to pause the AEWV median wage increase allows time for the government to explore alternative solutions to the existing median wage threshold. The commitment to removing the median wage threshold in the AEWV suggests potential changes in the future.

As the government continues to deliberate on the best course of action, stakeholders are advised to stay informed about any updates or changes to AEWV settings. More detailed information on future median wage settings for the AEWV is expected to be announced in due course.


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