Job Check For Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV)

If you are an employer looking to hire skilled migrants under the Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV), you need to conduct a job check. This applies whether you wish to hire migrants from overseas, or those already in New Zealand.

The job check is actually the second stage in the process: first of all the employer must be accredited. Once you’re accredited, you then need to conduct a job check for every position you’re recruiting.

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What should you know about accredited employer job checks?

The purpose of a job check is to prove that there are no suitable New Zealanders available for the role. Employers need to satisfy Immigration New Zealand that they’ve made genuine attempts to attract and recruit a suitable New Zealander for that position. However, in some cases where the occupation is on the Green List, and the requirements of the Green List are met, or the pay is at least twice the national median wage, labour market testing may not be needed.

Otherwise, the job offer must guarantee full time employment with a minimum of 30 hours of work a week, pay the market rate and at least the February 2023 New Zealand median wage, unless the job’s on an exemption list.

A draft copy of an unsigned employment agreement must also be submitted. This needs to include all clauses required by employment law, and exclude any clauses that don’t apply. You can include multiple vacancies in one job check so long as the job details are the same, and they’re covered by the same advertising and employment agreement. If the location, job title or terms of work vary, you’ll need to apply for a separate job check for each role.

What are some common mistakes with job checks?

Job checks can be complex in some circumstances and mistakes are easily made. Consistency is the key to ensuring that the potential employee can meet the requirements of the Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV), which includes the requirements specified in the job check.

Common issues with job checks:

  • Indicating that a qualification or certain work experience is required for the position, but the potential employee doesn’t hold that qualification or experience.
  • Assessing the role against an incorrect ANZSCO code.
  • Offering pay to a potential employee that’s more than the maximum pay rate indicated in the job check. 
  • Not advertising in locations where the potential employee is required to work.
  • Not requesting sufficient job check tokens.
  • Not including mandatory information on advertisements.

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