Australian Visas

VisaAide specialises in the movement of people between New Zealand and Australia, with extensive, in-depth expertise in both Australian visas and New Zealand visas.

The Australian immigration system is one of the most complex in the world, and it’s often not obvious which Australian visa is the best option for your circumstances and goals. VisaAide’s consultants have expert insight into the complex nature of Australian immigration, and we’re sometimes able to provide you with options that you may not easily discover yourself.

We recommend that you speak to us as early in the process as possible to save your time and stress. Otherwise, your visa application to Australia risks becoming expensive and time consuming if you approach it incorrectly.

Australian Transit Visa
This lets you transit through Australia for up to 72 hours so you’re able to leave an Australian airport, even if you arrived without another valid visa. Many Australian airports don’t work 24 hours and don’t provide transit facilities – so you may need a visa to enter Australia simply because of the airport you’re travelling through. Read more about Australian transit visas.
Student Visa Subclass 500
Student Visa Subclass 500 is a great Australian visa: not only can you study in Australia, but you’re also able to work a limited number of hours – and you can bring your family with you. Read more about Student Visa Subclass 500.
Refused Australian Visas
Having your application for an Australian visa refused is stressful and may leave you feeling confused and disheartened. We get it – but know that you may still have some options to consider. Whether it’s a Bridging Visa, Student Visa, or any other subclass. Read more about refused Australian visas.
Australian Bridging Visas
Bridging visas are temporary visas so you can legally stay in Australia while your immigration status is being decided. There are different bridging visas for different circumstances, and your rights vary according to the type of bridging visa you have. Read more about Australian bridging visas.
Short-Term Work Visas in Australia
There are various short-term work visas, from working holidays to temporary work visas for specific skills and purposes. But if you’re considering short-term work as a gateway for a long-term or permanent move, please speak to us for personalised advice at the outset. The Australian visa system is complicated and it’s important you’re applying for an Australian visa that’ s relevant to you. Read more about short-term work visas for Australia.
Long-Term Work Visas in Australia
Subclass 482 (the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa – also known as a TSS visa, or TSS 482 visa) is an employer nominated visa. This enables approved employers to hire genuinely skilled workers they can’t source in Australia. Read more about long-term work visas for Australia.
Business and Visitor Visas to Australia
Business visitor visas for Australia let you conduct general business or employment enquiries; research, negotiate, and review business contracts; take part in official government visits to Australia; and participate in a conference, seminar, or trade show. Read more about business visitor visas to Australia.
Australian Residence Visas
VisaAide specialises in visas for New Zealanders looking to work or live in Australia. However, the Australian immigration system is incredibly complicated, and the route to residency isn’t obvious in many instances. VisaAide has expert insights into the complexities– and possible residency pathways. Read more about Australian residence visas.
For NZ Citizens Moving to Australia
If you’re an NZ citizen moving to Australia temporarily or permanently, there are a number of visa options, depending on your circumstances. The kind of visa you travel on can impact on your rights in Australia – for example, healthcare, benefits, and superannuation. So it’s important that you get the best Australian visa for your needs. Read more about options for NZ citizens moving to Australia.

Australian Visa FAQs

Can I apply for an Australian student visa while in New Zealand?

Yes, you can apply for a student visa while in New Zealand but it is recommended that you hold a valid New Zealand visa for the time your application is being processed.

You need to study a CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students) registered course to be eligible for an Australian student visa. Unfortunately, we are unable to assist with Australian enrolments at this stage.

Can I apply for an Australian visitor visa while in NZ?

Yes, you are able to apply for an Australian visitor visa from within New Zealand. However, your NZ visa status may affect the way your application is assessed. For example, if you hold a New Zealand visitor visa your chances of obtaining an Australian visitor visa will be generally lower than that of a permanent New Zealand resident.

Can I apply for an Australian student visa while in New Zealand?

The Special Category Visa (or Subclass 444 visa) allows NZ citizens to live and work in Australia as long as they are not considered to be of health or character concern. However, this visa will not normally lead to residency. New Zealand citizens would need to apply for residency just like any other nationality.

If you are considering making the move to Australia, it’s best to check your residency options with us first.

Do you need help with Australian visas?

We specialise in Australian visas – contact us for up-to-date advice.