Navigating immigration policy changes: Preparing for the median wage increase

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Time is running out before the wage increase takes effect. It’s recommended that you act quickly to prevent financial stress for your migrant workforce and to streamline the transition.

Key points and recommendations:

1. Recruitment impact:

   - Hire new staff before the wage increase in February to avoid the $31.61 minimum wage requirement.

   - Prepare for potential wage structure adjustments.

2. Pre-emptive action:

  - Review current job listings to align with the median wage.

  - Adjust recruitment strategies for upcoming wage changes.

  - Submit Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) applications before the new wage threshold.

3. Existing staff:

   - Communicate changes transparently to current employees, especially those with exemptions.

   - Evaluate wages for employees nearing the end of their exemption period.

   - Adjust pay to match the median wage for up to 5 years of employment in New Zealand.

4. Residence pathways:

   - Certain roles require specific wage thresholds for residence qualifications.

   - Review and adjust pay for employees in these roles.

   - Initiate the 24-month qualifying period to secure residence pathways.

Find out more about how to get ready for the median wage increase here.

We recommend that you act swiftly to adapt to the new immigration policy and ensure a smooth transition for your business.

Please contact us for any help or advice.  

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