Business and Visitor Visas for Australia

Are you looking to conduct business in Australia for a short period of time? Depending on your requirements and nationality, there are some business visitor visas for Australia that allow you to holiday as well as work. Business visitor visas for Australia let you conduct general business or employment enquiries; research, negotiate, and review business contracts; take part in official government visits to Australia; and participate in a conference, seminar, or trade show.

However, you can’t be paid by organisers to take part in their event – you’d need a different type of visa for that.

Business visas to Australia also let you travel the country for a holiday, sightseeing, or visiting friends or family – and you can even study for up to three months.

Subclass 600:
Visitor Visa

Australia offers a range of visitor visas for different nationalities and purposes; VisaAide specialises in the business visitor visa for Australia (Subclass 600). This visa maybe for single or multiple entries, and is usually valid for three months, but can be for longer periods in certain circumstances. Read more about Subclass 600.

Working Holiday Visa for Australia
Subclass 651:
Australian Resident Visa

Passport holders from a list of eligible countries can apply for an eVisitor visa; applications for this are usually processed within one business day, but you must be outside Australia at the time of application. eVisitor visas let you visit Australia for up to three months each visit during a 12-month period, and allow for multiple entries. Read more about Subclass 651.

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