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Salary Threshold Change For NZ Visas – July 2021

Working Holiday Visa and Seasonal Worker Visas Automatically Extended.

The government has recently announced that Working Holiday and RSE (Registers Seasonal Employer Limited Visa) visas are being automatically extended for those workers already in New Zealand. 

However, the more important news also included in the announcement was in the details regarding the impact on Essential Skills Working Visa.

Essential Skill Visas are divided into two broad categories – those jobs paying above median pay levels and those paying below the median pay. Those sitting above may apply for three-year visas and those below may apply for shorter periods, with limited total visa periods applying. 

This recent announcement included the information that the new threshold for a 3-year Essential Skills Work visa from 19 July will increase to $27 per hour.

From 19 July, visa applications will be assessed against the updated median hourly wage rate of $27.

This pay rate will not only determine whether employees are able to gain a 1 or 3 year work visa, it will also impact Skilled Migrant Category applications.

Also of note from the announcement with regards to essential skilled worker visas: 

  • Essential Skills work visas will not be extended.
  • The duration of Essential Skills visas for jobs paid below the median wage will increase from 6 to 12 months.
  • The stand-down period for these low-skilled work visa holders will also be postponed until July 2022.

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