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Employer Accreditation Documentation for Immigration

Accredited Employer HR Documentation Requirements

HR Templates may not be sufficient for employer accreditation application

Some HR companies offer low cost downloadable HR documentation such as Health and Safety policies designed for small business oners as ready-to-use template policy documentation.

While this may be suitable for some situations – and is certainly of value for small business owners with their first employees coming on board, it may not be acceptable for Immigration NZ Employer Accreditation application.

Immigration NZ (INZ) currently requires “human resource policies and processes which are of a high standard”.

The words “high standard” are of utmost importance here.

In most cases, this would mean that the HR documentation is individually tailored to the employer’s business.

Not only does Immigration NZ require the documentation to be of a high standard, but they also need to be satisfied that the employer is following their policies correctly and have good workplace HR practices.

In determining that the employer has good workplace HR practices, Immigration NZ will take into account policies and processes the employer has put in place to ensure they remain compliant with immigration and employment legislation.

There is also the accreditation renewal process to consider when putting relevant HR policies and procedures in place, as the employer will be required to show that they are following their new processes correctly in order for their Employer Accreditation to be renewed.

VisaAide NZ works exclusively with ConsultingHQ for HR Process Development for Employer Accreditation

Consulting HQ is an HR specialist consulting agency that provide strategic HR consulting and can work with business owners to create tailored documentation to suit your unique business.

Documentation has been thoroughly assessed during the immigration process in many accreditation applications so you can be confident that the documentation is up to the required standards.

Working with an HR Consultant who is familiar with employer accreditation processes for approval by Immigration NZ can save you both time & money, because your application is far less likely to require reapplications due to inadequate information or internal HR expertise and/or process having been developed.

About the author
Cameron Gray is highly experienced in visa applications and spent over a decade as a Visa Officer for the Australian Consulate-General in New Zealand.
He is a Licensed NZ Immigration Advisor as well as an Australian Registered Migration Agent & employs a team of Licensed NZ Immigration Advisors in the Warkworth NZ office.

Cameron has extensive experience with assisting NZ businesses to look after their migrant teams as well as managing approval in principle and accreditation applications. He also specialises in employer-assisted NZ work visas, as well as SMC and other residence visas.

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