What is a Skills Match Report?

As a part of the labour market test for NZ Essential Skills work visa applications that are associated with occupations that are ANZSCO skill level 4-5 (if I have lost you already, call me and I will explain), the position must be listed with Work and Income (WINZ). This is a mandatory requirement when labour market tests are required.

WINZ will refer candidates to the employer in order to ensure that New Zealand citizens and residents have the first shot at taking up the position.

The listing can be done online and normally after approximately 7 working days a Skills Match Report will be issued to both the employer and to Immigration NZ.

The report will outline the details provided with the listing such as location, salary, and required experience together with the number of candidates that were referred to the employer and how many were employed or not considered suitable. Therefore, it is vital that the information provided to WINZ when the position is listed is consistent with the information that will be provided with the offer of employment.

The report is normally is valid for 3 months.

If you want to discuss your situation or have any questions, get in touch with us so that you can get this right the first time – 0064 9 281 3372 or info@visaaide.co.nz

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