Tips on Partnership Interviews

Partnership interviews seem to be on the rise, so I thought it was timely to provide some tips on the subject.

Although I have extensive experience in interviewing techniques and the line of questioning that may be asked, my philosophy with our clients is not to coach, but to demystify the process in order to show that an interview is nothing to stress about.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Immigration officers sometimes use the art of surprise to try to catch a visa applicant of guard by calling you without warning. It’s a very common practice and usually quite harmless. However, if you are called while you are in the middle of something – busy with the kids, etc – you can feel pressured into taking the call (it is the person who is deciding your future after all). Sometimes, this can cause you to provide answers that you may not have done if you were in different circumstances, and we all know that one inconsistent answer can cause irreparable damage to your chances of obtaining your visa. In these cases, there is nothing wrong with advising the officer that it is not a good time to talk and to arrange another time for you to speak to them. This way, you have a chance to speak with the officer at a time that suits you. If you are using an adviser, it also gives you a chance to speak with them for some reassurance.
  2. Well, that’s easier said than done, but you need to understand that an interview is just a normal part of the immigration process. The more stressed you are, the more chances of you answering questions irrationally and the more the officer will suspect that something is going on. If you are called in for a formal interview, which can take a couple of hours to complete, ensure you are well prepared – get a good night sleep, ensure you have had plenty to eat, don’t have a couple of drinks to calm your nerves….
  3. Bring your adviser along. Having someone there, who you know is on your side, can make all the difference. Even though advisers are limited in what they can help with in an interview, just having them there can keep you calm and in control. Most of the time advisers will remain silent in an interview. However, if a line of questioning becomes too personal or things become heated, an adviser will step in and end the interview quicker than you can say “genuine and stable relationship”.

Thinking about lodging a partnership application? Give me a call first so you can keep ahead of the game.

Cameron Gray

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