Employer Accreditation Document Audits Announced

Employer accreditation document audits announced

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The Accredited Employer Work Visa is proving to be invaluable for New Zealand businesses that have been battling skills shortages for some years. The employer-led system requires that organisations are first accredited by Immigration New Zealand before recruitment activity takes place. Employer accreditation exists to ensure that only quality employers in a sound financial position with good workplace practices are able to hire migrant workers.

However, to date employer accreditation applications have been declaration based, and organisations were not obliged to provide any copies of their accreditation documents. The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has now announced that it has commenced post-accreditation audits to ensure employers are complying with the accreditation requirements.

What is likely to happen if you don’t have all the evidence you need?

Organisations who are unable to provide the necessary documentation when audited may face accreditation suspension during the investigation process. This is likely to cause chaos and instability for both employers and the migrant workforce.

It is therefore recommended that you have all the accreditation documents you need ready now, before you get audited, to avoid interruption to your business activities.

What types of accreditation documents are likely to be needed?

Accreditation documents will include:

  • Documentation that demonstrates proof of the organisation’s historic and current financial sustainability, including profitability, cash flow, and capital requirements.
  • A credible two-year plan to ensure the organisation remains viable. This could be a revenue forecast or cash flow projection.
  • Evidence of migrant workers completing Employment New Zealand’s online learning modules within one month of beginning their employment.
  • Details of the settlement information and support provided to migrant workers.
  • Details of HR practices and processes – these must comply with both New Zealand employment law and immigration law.

How to get help with accreditation documents

Our People Inc partner, ConsultingHQ, has many years of experience in creating the supporting documentation for accreditation requirements. ConsultingHQ can review your existing documentation and work with you on additional credentials: VisaAide can then submit these to Immigration NZ and MBIE on your behalf.

Contact us for assistance with employer accreditation documentation.

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