Visa Aide Testimonials

We are not the type of consultants to shout about ourselves, but here is what just a few of our clients have had to say after working with us……


“Hi Cameron, thank you for your assistance- Xxxx and I appreciate it. We know it was short notice. Thanks again.“

“Words won’t do much justice when I say this (and on behalf of Xxxx), however I just wanted to say how helpful you have been with this entire process. I will always remember your willingness to help us get through this and going out your way at times, so thank you for playing a key part in changing our lives. We really appreciate it.”

“Good morning Cameron, I really want to express my sincere gratitude to you for your professionalism consultation and active participation in our matter. Only through your help and support I have received a visa. I fully appreciate your trust and make every effort to bring more benefits to your country as well as my main mission is to create happy family with my husband Xxxx. My the best wishes to you. Thank you a lot of times”

“…you were so kind and so generous with your time…”

“Hi Cameron, I hope you are well. It’s been a long time since we last talked so I don’t expect you to remember me at all J, but I decided to send you this e-mail anyway to sincerely thank you for what you have done for me. Maybe for you it doesn’t seem anything special but I need to tell you made a difference! I was desperate with a few unexpected situations I had with my residence application and you were so honest and caring when you took the time to talk to me and explain the situation, saying that  I probably wouldn’t need your services – even though I was willing to pay. I know it’s been some time  but I wanted to THANK YOU IMMENSELY! My residence has been approved and you played a huge part in it when you decided to simply share you knowledge and told me I would be fine. Had stumbled   across you on the internet was a blessing and I just wanted to say I appreciate you and what you do.”    

“Thanks buddy!! You’ve been great. We really appreciate your patience and flexibility…”

“Good Morning Cameron, Xxxx and I wanted to thank you so much for all your great help! We wish you a Happy Christmas and all the best wishes for the New Year.”

“Yaaay ! Thank you so much cameron !”

 “Whoop Whoop! Thanks for the fantastic support, I am happy to act as a reference if you require one as I thought your advice was sound.  I was also very pleased at the swift initial response from you when I was concerned about my work visa status and the fact this was sorted so quickly certainly reduced my stress levels. Well done!”

“I’m so happy!!!! Thank you for help us!!!!”      

“… I am writing this to thank you for your wonderful effort. It’s indeed Great. You did a great job and have made all of us happy. I assure you that in future if any one from Sri Lanka needs a Migration Agent from New Zealand, it will be you and none other than you. Thank you once again.”

“You’re legend! Thank you so much ever so thankful”    

“Cameron! Thank you so much!! Truly wouldn’t have been able to navigate all this without your help. Couldn’t be more appreciative! Again, a huge thank you. Big weight off of my shoulders.”

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