Becoming an accredited employer is the perfect way to help retain your migrant work force and attract additional talent. It can create a simpler way to gain work visas and can enable a pathway for your employees to gain residency.

Recently, the NZ government have announced that all employers who wish to employ migrants will need to gain mandatory accreditation in 2021. This will affect thousands of businesses around the country and produce a real processing nightmare if every business was required to apply for their accreditation all at the same time.

That’s why it is important to get ahead of the game and start preparing your accreditation application now.

Immigration will expect a business to have a good history of advertising your positions and training New Zealand citizens and residents. They will want to know that the business is financially stable and that your HR information is at a very high standard. Therefore, it is essential that you start the process as early as you can so that you are able to lodge a strong application.


VisaAide’s Partnership with Consulting HQ – The HR Experts

We have partnered up with Consulting HQ who are the HR experts and who have extensive knowledge of the accreditation process. Their documentation has been thoroughly tested within the immigration process and has proven that it is at the high standard that immigration require.

Not only will our businesses help you gain your accreditation, we will be there after the fact to ensure you are compiling with the high standards that have been set. Accreditation is normally only approved for two years so it is vital that within these two years you keep to your standards.

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