Update restricts ‘visa hopping’ to Australian Student visa programme

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The Australian Government has announced significant changes to the Student visa programme, effective from 1 July 2024. These changes aim to strengthen the integrity of the Student visa programme by ensuring that visas are granted to genuine students who can contribute to Australia’s economic growth.

Key Changes:

1. Restricted visa hopping:

Temporary Graduate, Visitor, and Maritime Crew visa holders will no longer be able to apply for a Student visa while in Australia. This restriction is intended to address the issue of 'visa hopping' and reduce the number of 'permanently temporary' former international students.

2. Affected visa subclasses:

Holders of these visas will need to apply for their Student visa from outside Australia.

3. Graduate and visitor visa holders:

Temporary Graduate visa holders should either depart Australia or seek skilled jobs and other visa pathways that may lead to permanent residency.

Visitor visa applicants intending to study must apply for their Student visa offshore.

These measures, combined with other strategies, aim to close the loophole of visa hopping and ensure that the Student visa programme is used by those genuinely intending to pursue studies in Australia.

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