New Zealand Visa Application

Seek advice from an experienced, licenced immigration advisor applying for a New Zealand visa.

Getting the right advice before you make any visa application can be vital in some cases. Immigration regulations change quickly. Incorrect application details can result in lengthy delays and additional costs. We recommend you at minimum seek advice on the current process for NZ visa applications.

Our team of Licenced NZ Immigration Advisors will ensure you get the correct information and that you understand the application process (and will manage the entire process for you if required).

Cameron Gray.

IAA Licence Number: 201301155


NZ partnership visa application

NZ Partnership Visas

We specialise in NZ Partnership Visitor, Work and Resident visa applications. Our services include providing pre-lodgement advice, through to managing your application on your behalf.

essential skill worker work visas nz

NZ Work Visas

Assistance for employer supported work visa applications for positions in New Zealand. We can advise, or manage the process on your behalf.

NZ Licenced Immigration Adviser

Special Case Visas

Special cases like someone with a criminal record or adverse immigration history require particular assistance knowledge and access to the best process for application in this situation.

new zealand visa application

NZ Visa Application – FAQ

I need someone to manage my visa application. How do I start working with VisaAide?

The process would start with you completing an initial assessment which gathers vital information we need in order to provide you with objective and accurate advice.

From this, we will assess your circumstances and advise you on your options and which option we feel is best for you to take.

If you then choose to work with us, we will arrange an agreement to be signed which will outline the services we will provide and the costs involved.

The adviser handling your case would then arrange a time to speak with you to discuss the circumstances of your application then create a tailored list of information that you will need to provide for the application.

During the process, your adviser will be available over the phone or email for any questions that you may have.


I need someone to review my application to make sure everything is alright. Can VisaAide do this?

Sure. We can complete a comprehensive review of your application and provide you with a detailed report outlining any potential issues.


I just need some visa application advice. How does it work?

You can email or call us if you need some help, which is ideal if you just have a quick question. Alternatively, if you require more time or have a complex issue to discuss, we have paid Zoom, phone or office based consultations available which you can book online.


How much will it cost for VisaAide to manage my application?

Each application has different requirements and therefore the costs are assessed on the individual circumstances of each case.

Prior to you agreeing to work with us, we provide you with a quote outlining the total costs involved in your application.

Payments are normally broken down into installments.

VisaAide accepts Visa and MasterCard, Direct Debit, and PayPal.

Can VisaAide help with visas other than for New Zealand and Australia?

Unfortunately, we are unable to assist with immigration matters that do not relate to New Zealand or Australia.


Can VisaAide assist with finding me employment in New Zealand?

Unfortunately, we are unable to assist you with your employment search at this stage.

However, one of our partner companies specialises in jobs for skilled workers from overseas. Recruit NZ would like to hear from you if you have skills in Construction or Civil.


Employer FAQs on NZ visa applications

What do I need to do if I want to employ non-New Zealand citizens in my business?

In most cases, the potential employee would be applying for an Essential Skills work visa. This application requires, among other things, that the employer make genuine attempts at employing a NZ citizen or resident.

There are other visa options so you are best to check with us first.

Please note that NZ is moving to an employer-led work visa system on the 1st of November 2021 which will require all employers who want to support a work visa application to become accredited.


How do I know if someone can work in New Zealand?

You may be able to use VisaView to confirm someone’s work rights in NZ. Visit


I have employees that don’t have New Zealand passports and I need them to work short term in Australia.

Subclass 400 is normally the most appropriate visa to apply for if your employee’s intention is to complete short term, highly skilled work in Australia. However, it does not suit every situation and we highly recommend that you discuss the details of the visit with us before applying for this or any type of visa.

Please note: An ETA or eVisitor allows for business activities – for example, a conference, to receive training, or a business meeting, but does not allow work.


New Zealand Visa Applications

Is my qualification relevant to my offer of employment in New Zealand?

This question can sometimes be difficult to answer. It is best to contact us before applying for your visa if you are unsure.



I have found employment in New Zealand. Can I apply for a Work or Residence visa?

Not all offers of employment will meet work or residence criteria. It best to have the circumstances fully assessed by a professional before making an application.



PPI Letters – I have received a letter from Immigration NZ saying they want more information and that they may decline my application. Can VisaAide help me with my response?

Yes, we are able to help. Contact us now as normally you have very limited time to respond.