Australian Visa Applications for New Zealand Residents

We all know that under the current trans-Tasman agreement New Zealand citizens holding Special Category Visas have limited access to social benefits and no direct pathway to Australian citizenship. This is where Visa Aide can help.

Australian permanent residency

Australian permanent residence is really your best option if you wish to live long term in Australia. We can assess your unique situation then provide you with individually tailored advice on your eligibility. There are some cases with special considerations.

Australian Visa application with criminal history

Having a criminal history can complicate your travel plans. Even minor convictions can cause you to have a less than pleasant experience at the Australian border. However, having a criminal history does not instantly exclude you from ever visiting or living in Australia. VisaAide has extensive experience in dealing with character issues and we ensure our service is strictly confidential to enable you to discuss your matters in private.

Australian Visa application For New Zealander’s Partner

If your partner is not a New Zealand citizen a subclass 461 visa may be just the visa you’re looking for. This subclass of visa is a temporary visa that allows a member of a New Zealand citizen’s family to live, work and study in Australia. It is a very popular visa which, together with the right New Zealand visa can give the holder the flexibility to travel between New Zealand and Australia as many times as they like over a period of five years. There are several other situations where a 461 can be used for members of a New Zealand citizen’s family to move to Australia.


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