Work Visas For New Zealand Employers

Work Visa Applications For Skilled Workers in New Zealand

If you are an employer looking to support a potential employee’s visa, or ready to renew a current employee’s visa, we can help manage this process for you. We also help manage work visa applications for individuals.

Just give us a call for expert advice over the phone – we will be happy to chat with you.

Work Visa instructions are changing on the 4th of July 2022. 


Essential Skills Work Visas

An Essential Skills work visa is the standard NZ work visa. It requires an offer of employment from a New Zealand business and cannot be used for self-employment.

This type of visa application may require an employer to prove that they have made genuine attempts to employ a New Zealand citizen or resident for the position.

The visa applicant would then need to prove that he or she is suitably qualified to take up the position by way of the qualification they hold or through previous relevant work experience.

Visas can be valid for 1-3 years which is dependent on the applicant being paid over the national median wage.




Recruiting Skilled Workers in New Zealand and Internationally

 VisaAide partners with RecruitNZ have to assist employers with international recruitment.

RecruitNZ is a recruitment agency with a dedicated International Recruitment team focusing on skilled migrants from the Philippines for New Zealand employers.

RecruitNZ is POEA accredited – meaning they are a Philippines Government approved recruitment service in New Zealand.

Recruit NZ has a large base of skilled workers already in New Zealand with working visas, pre-screened by their team & waiting for employment opportunities in NZ.

VisaAide consultants work closely with the Recruit NZ recruiters to provide as seamless as possible a visa processing or change of use approval.

Visit RecruitNZ to find out how they can help or Contact Us

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