Employer Accreditation Renewal

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Are you one of the 33,000+ employers who have become accredited since applications first opened in May 2022?

If the answer is yes, you may be one of the many employers whose accreditation is due to expire sometime this year. 

Seamless Accreditation Renewal for NZ Employers 

The first phase of Employer Accreditation renewal begins in July 2024, following several changes that impact both employers and AEWV holders. These changes came into effect on April 7 2024.  

Is your accreditation due to expire in the next two months?

Who needs to renew Employer Accreditation?

Whether or not you renew depends on the needs of your organisation.

If you intend to:

  • continue hiring migrant workers,
  • renew or extend the visas of your current workers, and/or
  • support pathways to residency for your valued workers

You’ll need to renew your Employer Accreditation.

How to renew Employer Accreditation

The Employer accreditation renewal process starts with completing the online form provided by Immigration New Zealand (INZ) for re-accreditation under the Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) scheme. 

However, before you do that, you’ll need to gather evidence to support your application.  

Tips for Accreditation renewal

  • We recommend beginning the process two months before your accreditation expires.
  • Gather the evidence first so that you can include it with your application. INZ will want proof of financials, proof that you’re operating a viable business, and proof that you’ve delivered on declarations made in your initial application.
  • Make sure you apply for the right type of accreditation as there are no refunds for incorrect applications.
  • Complete the application at least six weeks before your current accreditation expires to ensure it’s processed in time.

Finer details not your strong suit? Do it once and do it right with a Licensed Immigration Adviser by your side.

Important timing for your accreditation renewal

Getting the timing right for your accreditation renewal is the key to a seamless process.

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) anticipates a high volume of renewals, so it’s important to understand the timing.

Check current employer accreditation wait times 

Around eight weeks before your accreditation expires, you should start preparing your application.

Around six weeks before your accreditation expires, you’ll need to complete and submit your application to be approved in time.

Two weeks before your accreditation expires, INZ will send you a reminder if you haven’t yet applied to renew. At this point it’s unlikely your new accreditation will be granted before your old one expires, and you may qualify for interim accreditation.

Accreditation Renewal Timeline

About interim accreditation

If your accreditation expires while you are waiting for the outcome of your renewal application, you may qualify for an interim 3-month accreditation.

You cannot apply for interim accreditation. In order to qualify:

  • You must have applied for renewal before your accreditation expired;
  • Your application must still be in progress; and
  • You must have applied for the right type of accreditation for your business.

You will not be granted interim accreditation if you have applied for the wrong type of accreditation.


INZ will renew your accreditation from the date that your application is approved. This means that if you apply too early, you’ll lose the time where your new accreditation overlaps with your previous accreditation. 

For example: If your current accreditation expires on August 30 but INZ approves your application on August 1, your new accreditation will begin on August 1.

Why engage an expert?

The process is straightforward, but it requires careful attention to detail and timing to get it done without delays or declines.

With the help of Licensed Immigration Advisers from VisaAide, you can present a robust case to INZ, demonstrating your ability to meet accreditation requirements.

Engage one of our Licensed Immigration Advisers for fast and easy handling of your accreditation renewal 

Why renew?

  • Retain the ability to hire skilled migrant workers.
  • Safeguard your reputation as a responsible employer.
  • Maintain eligibility for government contracts and incentives.
  • Demonstrate commitment to compliance, enhancing trust with stakeholders.
Employer Accreditation Renewal Why Renew Infographic
Why Renew (mobile Ver)

What has changed for Employer Accreditation?

Changes came into effect on April 7 2024 and affect both employers and AEWV applicants.

  • Employers need to understand the changes to the AEWV
  • There are now additional grounds for suspension
  • Franchisee accreditation is ending
  • You must employ workers for at least 30 hours per week
  • You must ensure that any AEWV candidate that you’re recruiting is suitably qualified and skilled

For more information, you can watch the webinar where our Director and Licensed Immigration Adviser Cameron Gray explains these changes in greater detail.

Accreditation Renewal FAQs

When should I renew my employer accreditation?

You should renew your accreditation before it expires. Immigration New Zealand recommends completing your application for renewal six weeks before your current accreditation expires.

How long will my accreditation be valid for?

Your first accreditation is valid for 12 months, and subsequent renewals for standard and high-volume accreditations are valid for 24 months. Controlling third-party accreditations are valid for 12 months upon renewal.

What happens if my accreditation expires?

Your accreditation will automatically expire on the expiry date. You can still employ existing workers until their visas expire but you cannot hire new workers or support new visa applications without valid accreditation.

How do I renew my employer accreditation?

Log in to Immigration Online, go to 'Employ Migrants', select 'My accredited organisations', then 'View organisation' and choose 'Renew accreditation'. Submit the required documents and pay the fee.

What documents are needed for renewal?

Provide evidence of being a viable and genuinely operating business, compliance with business standards, and settlement support given to AEWV employees. This includes financial records, GST or PAYE records, and evidence of completed Employment New Zealand modules. 

What if my renewal application is still in progress when my accreditation expires?

You may qualify for an interim 3-month accreditation if you applied before your current accreditation expires and you meet the criteria.

Can I change my accreditation type when I renew?

Yes, you can change your accreditation type when you renew, such as downgrading from high-volume to standard accreditation.

How long should I allow for my renewal application to be processed?

Allow at least 6 weeks for your application to be processed. Check current processing times on the Immigration New Zealand website.

What happens if I don’t renew my accreditation but still employ migrant workers?

You can continue to employ existing workers until their visas expire, but you cannot hire new workers or support new visa applications without valid accreditation.

What is the timeline for renewal processing?

Immigration NZ suggests completing your application six weeks before your current accreditation expires. The timeframes can change. Before the changes came into effect, INZ suggested two weeks’ lead time. It can depend on the volume of renewals they are processing at the time and how well-prepared the applications are.

How does the renewal process differ from initial accreditation?

You are becoming re-accredited when you apply for renewal, so the focus is on assessing whether you have fulfilled your commitments from your original application, like completion of Employment NZ modules and providing settlement support for employees.

Where can I find the accreditation renewal form?

The online form for the re-accreditation process can be accessed via the INZ website.

What are the common issues with accreditation renewal? What can go wrong?

Common issues include applying for the incorrect accreditation type and non-compliance with INZ's guidelines. To avoid these, ensure you understand the process fully and adhere to all the guidelines required by INZ.

What are the guidelines for renewal?

INZ provides comprehensive guidelines detailing the necessary steps and requirements for the renewal process. VisaAide's team of experts is ready to assist employers in interpreting and following these guidelines.

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