Client Testimonials

Hear what just some of our amazing clients have to say about working with VisaAide

AWESOME!!!! ? Many thanks Cameron… and all who have been involved… its hugely appreciated.

NZ Employer Accreditation (approved one day prior to the Oct 2019 salary change)

THANK YOU!!!! WONDERFUL NEWS! And I want to thank you for however you handled the conversations withe the case officer to navigate the questions… And get the  6 month visa! Yeah! You rock!

NZ General Visitor visa where a NZ partner was involved.

I’m just speechless and my tears out!! Thanks Cameron. I still can’t believe it. Omg. Thank you so much. You been so good so us.

NZ Partnership Resident

Thank you so much for helping and supporting us in applying our new visa. So happy and grateful to have a time to work with you. 

NZ Essential Skills and Partnership work visas

Great news! Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into this.

NZ Partnership Work

WOW!! This is incredible. We can’t quite believe it!  Thank you so much Cameron. Next stop Residency…

NZ Essential Skills, Partnership Work and Dependent Child Visitor visa

Wow! That is incredible Cameron; THANK YOU! Only 2 days, that has got to be a world record for a government office!

NZ Partnership Work

This is really a great news! We are very happy. We are very thankful for all your help Cameron! Thank you very much

An offshore NZ General Visitor with a non-NZ citizen partner in NZ.

What a great news! Thanks for your help all these years supporting us and patiently answering all my questions.

NZ Residence from Work Resident visa

What a turn around! Thanks very much for your effort in making this application go through and your professional approach.

NZ Essential Skills Work visa (initially declined then approved after pointing out to INZ that they had applied the immigration instructions incorrectly.)

Oh my goodness!!! That is amazing news! I can hardly believe it!  Thank you so very much Cameron!!! For the news… and all of your help and communication along the way! 

NZ Entrepreneur Work visa

It’s been a long time since we last talked so I don’t expect you to remember me at all J, but I decided to send you this e-mail anyway to sincerely thank you for what you have done for me. Maybe for you it doesn’t seem anything special but I need to tell you made a difference! I was desperate with a few unexpected situations I had with my residence application and you were so honest and caring when you took the time to talk to me and explain the situation, saying that I probably wouldn’t need your services – even though I was willing to pay. I know it’s been some time but I wanted to THANK YOU IMMENSELY! My residence has been approved and you played a huge part in it when you decided to simply share you knowledge and told me I would be fine. Had stumbled across you on the internet was a blessing and I just wanted to say I appreciate you and what you do.”

NZ Partnership Resident (We gave this client some initial advice and they went on to complete their application themselves.)

“Whoop Whoop! Thanks for the fantastic support, I am happy to act as a reference if you require one as I thought your advice was sound.  I was also very pleased at the swift initial response from you when I was concerned about my work visa status and the fact this was sorted so quickly certainly reduced my stress levels. Well done!”

NZ Work to Residence work visa and Skilled Migrant Category Resident visa

Fantastic news! Thanks a lot for all your assistance. 

Australian 457 Work visa and 186 Employer Nomination Resident visa

Thanks for all your help and expertise. It was much appreciated in a pretty stressful time

Australian Subclass 600 Visitor visa which included a Section 501 character assessment

Wow! Two year visa is beyond our expectation! Thank you very much for your hard work !!! We really appreciate it ! Wow that is amazing news and a huge relief. Thank you so much for all of your help and hard work!! We will contact you next week to talk about residency. Thanks again, it’s time for us to celebrate! Hope you have a nice weekend!

NZ Partnership Work

Sadhana, you have been an amazing mentor and support, for both of us. It was hard to keep our patience, but we always had your guidance that kept our hopes alive. There were times when we had lost it, were frustrated with immigration, but you were always there to discuss our problems. You have a good understanding of our culture and the related social and family pressures, that any Indian couple experiences during such times. I am very thankful for all the discussions you had with (my partner), that were a big factor to help us get through this. I also thank you for all the moral support that I had during all those frustrating times and discussions. I appreciate your work ethic and the effort you put in, to get to know every situation at a personal level. That has helped us a lot!!!

NZ General Visitor – Partner of a NZ citizen who needed to enter NZ in order to meet the living together criteria of the partnership category.

Well done guys and in particular Sadhana -thank you so much for all your assistance and for bearing with us with getting things out to you.

NZ Employer Accreditation

Thank you both for all your efforts I was a little worried but thank you so much, this would not have happened without you both.

NZ Employer Accreditation

Hi Sadhana, You guys did it again, I am thankful for all your support. We will be in touch with you soon. Thanks a lot.

NZ Partnership Work

Thanks a lot for all your help with getting our visa successfully processed in such a short time frame. It was great working with you and must accept – very professional!

NZ Partnership Residence

Sadhana you are an absolute warrior, you have been a lighthouse on a dark night. I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me.

NZ Student – Fee Paying

Thank you for your patience. For you maybe it was just another job that needs to be done but for me what you did was a blessing. And i will treasure this for the rest of my life. I’m at early 40s and who knows this might be my last chance to earn and to prepare for the future of my two kids and i owe it all from you that’s why thank you. For helping me through.

NZ Work – Essential Skills