Australian Visa Application

The Australian Immigration system is one of the most complex in the world. The process is lengthy and can be expensive if you approach it incorrectly.

Visa Aide is one of the only independent advisory services in New Zealand with expert insight into the complex Australian Immigration Service and is able to navigate paths around the process that you are unlikely to discover easily by yourself. We really recommend getting advice as early as possible in the process to understand your options.

Visa Aide’s advisers have a much broader scope of overview, with knowledge of both the New Zealand and the Australian Immigration Systems – far more options could become open to you.

To get started with your Australian Visa Application, follow the button link below and complete the free online assessment.

Avoid undue or lengthy delays or unnecessary complications by getting Australian Visa advice early in the process.


Here are some of the most common scenarios our Australian visa agents can help with:

  • Individuals looking for help with Australian visa applications:

    Are you struggling to understand the forms, or need advice on how best to complete them? Cameron Gray is a Licensed New Zealand Immigration Adviser and also spent over a decade working as a Visa Officer for the Australian Government, so he and his team know exactly what’s needed.

  • Employers needing Australian visas for employees:

    If you employ non-NZ passport holders, chances are they will need a visa for visiting or working in Australia. This can be a headache for employers – especially if there are regular trans-Tasman meetings and secondments. VisaAide can take this hassle away from you. Read more about visa services for employers.

  • Moving from New Zealand to Australia:

    If you are looking at migrating to Australia from New Zealand, our Australian visa experts can suggest the best type of visa depending on your circumstances. There are often more visa options for immigration to Australia from NZ than you may be aware of.

  • Australian visas for people with criminal records:

    Cameron Gray is one of the very few consultants within New Zealand who specialises in Australian character assessments. So if you have a criminal conviction but would like an Australian visa, it may still be possible to obtain it. Please contact us to assess your options.

VisaAide can help with almost all types of Australian Visa Application

VisaAide specialises in the following types of Australian visa applications:

Temporary Entry:

  • Student visas
  • Subclass 461 Member of a NZ Citizen’s Family Unit
  • Short Stay Activity (Work) Subclass 400
  • Working Holiday
  • Visitor

Permanent Resident visa in Australia:

  • Partner
  • Skilled
  • Child
  • Returning Resident

How do you work with clients on Australian visa applications?

The first step is a phone or Skype consultation with our Australian visa experts to assess your situation – or complete the

If we’re able to help you with your Australian visa application, you can choose to engage us in a number of ways:

  • End-to-End Australian visa application service: This is where we take care of the whole application for you, from start to finish.
  • Modular service: This is great if you only need help with a specific part of your Australian visa application. For example, you may have started work on the application yourself, and need us to finish it and check it for you.

You can read more about the different visa services here.

Just think: You could soon have a far better idea of where you stand with your Australian visa application.